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10 Remarkable Strategies to Get Organic Instagram Followers

Instagram was launched as an entertainment application for kids and youngsters but now it has become a large social media platform that is used as a tool by influencers and brands to attract audiences and to market their products and built up large networks.

Millions of active Instagram users share nearly 60 million photos and receive billion of likes. Isn't that so tremendous?

How can we just ignore the importance of Instagram engagement for the marketing brands and influencers? Create a large network of followers is the only goal of them. Earlier, the Insta engagement rate was 0.1 but as per the 2014 analysis report, the average Instagram engagement rate is fifty-eight times higher than Facebook. It sounds amazing but now we have to find out the ways to organically gain more followers.

How to Organically Increase Followers?

Usually, new individual or business accounts anxious to increase their followers and they prefer to buy followers and use bots. However, this is not a way to increase your followers because by using these ways you may lose your followers after some time. You can increase you followers by buying Instagram story views, likes, comments etc.

Therefore, after a lot of research Followers Promotion sheds light on some great strategies to increase the followers organically, and eventually, Instagram engagement increases and your content will become more visible. So let's go down!

1. Define Your Goals

Your motive behind using your Instagram account should be clear. It is a fact that every brand, celebrity, and influencer wants more and more followers but the main effort is on your end. Your business plan and marketing objective will help you basically to gain the audience's attention. Have you ever thought about your goals and the reasons behind getting more followers? What do you want to achieve?

You may want to promote your brand and boost product sales, or you may want to get more traffic to your website, or you may want to influence people with your content. Etc. By specifying your purpose, you can make your Instagram account consistent and your followers will be loyal to you.

2. Use Searchable Keywords

If someone wants to search you they usually write your name or username in the search bar. It is good to use your own name as a username to be identified easily on other social networking sites. But if your name contains a keyword according to your business idea then it will increase the chances of your visibility. Your name can be anything within 30 characters. You can use your brand name as the name of your account. People can easily find you by only searching for your brand name.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Your Instagram post caption does not exist in the search bar but hashtags do exist. Using relevant hashtags are a great way to gain more followers. If you use a relevant hashtag in your post, your post will be eventually visible under that hashtag. If your post will be engaging and worthy enough then people can follow you ultimately.

4. Make Your Bio & Profile Attractive

Mostly people visit your profile but they do not follow you. Buy Why? Because, they do not find your bio and profile attractive, clear, and convincing to tap on the follow button. If your profile contains your attractive bio in which you write your interests, achievements, within 150 characters and also the link of your website then people will definitely visit and follow you. If you are a professional businessman then your bio should include your contact information, type of business, & location.

5. Content Should Be Engaging

I think it’s obvious, but an important strategy to mention to get more and more followers. Your insta post should be of high quality and engaging. Your content should be so compelling that if a user comes to see a post on your profile they will see more and more. Moreover, attractive and motivating content will inspire others and compel people to like and comment.

6. Write Attractive Captions

Don’t you think that visual platform also needs attractive captions? Yes, it is a platform's demand to use attractive and compelling captions that will engage the user and give the post more reach. You can use the most inspiring words at the start so that the user will tap more read further. You can raise any question that will compel the user to answer you in the comment. You can also use emoji’s accordingly and can use small captions and as well as long story type captions as your picture speaks itself.

7. Promote Your Insta Posts on other Platforms

Here is another way to increase followers organically. You just have to share your Instagram posts on other platforms. Oh don’t forget that your account must be easily discoverable so, that your fans and audience will get access to your profile. You can attract users on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter by sharing your profile link with a caption like win a free coupon to get this reward.

8. Tag relevant users

Tagging other users will assist your post to reach everywhere. As tagged users will get a notification and they will be able to share your post with their followers. This way you can also get more followers. You can tag others in two ways; you can mention their profile in the caption and also within the post. Moreover, you can also tag influencers and your fellow users in the stories so that they can also share your stories on their stories. Content should be that much worthy that people can re-share it.

9. Make Stories highlights

This can help you to enhance your marketing strategy when visitors come first time on your profile. Your highlights should contain important information and content so that visitors will get complete information and they will follow you for more information.

10. Post Timely

Post on Instagram timely and consistently, if you get a good number of followers then they are also expecting something from you otherwise they will start unfollowing you. To get more Instagram engagement you have to maintain your Instagram posts and the overall profile to keep your followers and to attract more.

Final Words

Now you are fully aware of these remarkable strategies to organically increase your followers. Therefore, apply these strategies to improve your online business and increase your Instagram engagement. Moreover, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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